Local Authority Training

The local authority run a number of training courses for governors

You can download and view the Barnsley Governance Newsletter & Development Opportunities for 2017/18 on the attachment below. This newsletter also contains information on BGA training which can be booked on our website here:  BGA Training

This year the local authority have taken the opportunity to totally refresh the programme with new opportunities for governors.  The Workshops are developed to address the knowledge, skills and behaviours identified in the DfE publications, “A Competency Framework for Governance” and the “Clerking Competence Framework”.  They draw heavily from the January 2017 Governance Handbook, current DfE guidance and NCTL resources. 

Each workshop is targeted to meet the development needs of specific groups:

Developing Governors

Those governors newly appointed, or within their first 12 months of office.

Established Governors

Experienced governors with over 12 months experience, with the potential to increase their influence and leadership within the governing board.

Leading Governors

Chairs and Chairs apparent, including those that chair committees, and Vice Chairs

All Governors

The workshop includes useful content for all governors.

Details on how to book on local authority training courses are given in Newletter Issue 10 below.


Download this file (governancenewsletter201718.pdf)Newsletter - Issue 10[2017-18]2087 kB