Papers from the Annual General Meeting

 held on

Wednesday 17th October, 2012 at 7.00 p.m.

can be found below:-

 This includes the Executive Report


Emma Knight's presentation 

AGM 2012 1

Michael Sanderson addressing the AGM

AGM 2012 2

Emma Knights giving her presentation


Download this file (AGM 2012 Executive report.pdf)AGM 2012 Executive report.pdf[Executive report to the 2012 AGM]270 kB
Download this file (BGA AGM 2012 Agenda.pdf)BGA AGM 2012 Agenda.pdf[AGM 2012 Agenda]308 kB
Download this file (Changing landscape of school governance Oct 12.pdf)Changing landscape of school governance Oct 12.pdf[Emma Knight's presentation]254 kB
Download this file (Constitutions  BGA as revised for 2012 AGM Rev 2.pdf)BGA Revised Constitution[Revised Constitution 2012]257 kB